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blog (verb):

to regularly update a website with engaging topics that gets one found

This started as a blog in its most traditional sense: a website with writings of my own informal style and meanderings. Over the last several years, I have been busy guest blogging, ghost blogging, and simply blogging for my business. Unfortunately, these types of blogging have really taken away from what I am really good at: being a blog coach, teacher, and mentor.

While you’ll still find some of my older posts here, you’ll also find new ones that pertain to my life as a blog coach. Want to read about something in particular? Drop me a line and I’ll whip us up a fresh pot of coffee.

I run crazy

Don't call me crazy. I run. I run crazy long distances, like half marathons, the occasional marathon, and [GASP!] what's called the "ultra"--distances longer than 26.2. Yes, it hurts sometimes. Yes, it gets boring some days. Yes, there are days I'd rather sit at home...

Carpe caffeine: A Cup of Content

I'm very excited for 2016. I started my own business on November 1, 2014 as a way to still make money while being more available to my family. It's been a great year and a half...but I'm ready to do things differently. Introducing: A Cup of Content I taught high...

The awesomeness that is Periscope

If you haven't ventured over to Twitter's new brew, you MUST put this on your top priority list. Periscope. Live broadcasts--on a whim, wherever you are, in the moment. I'm over there @kimbultsma, and you can follow my company there, too: @contentalamode. So what do I...