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I’m very excited for 2016.

I started my own business on November 1, 2014 as a way to still make money while being more available to my family. It’s been a great year and a half…but I’m ready to do things differently.

Introducing: A Cup of Content

a cup of contentI taught high school English and Journalism for 10 years–and I’d like to think I was very good at it. I enjoy teaching classes for Content a la mode, and it’s always brought me more business. So I thought that bringing both my teaching and my content marketing skills together into something I could really do on a national–if not international–basis. Thus, A Cup of Content was born.

Learning to do your own marketing–in house.

The goal of A Cup of Content is to teach business owners, employees, marketers, bloggers, writers, and more how to do content marketing themselves. The first reaction many have to this is, “Kim–isn’t this competing with your current business?” Well, in a way, yes. That’s why I’m always honest with my clients in that it is better if someone in house can do their marketing. But that’s not always possible for every business. So why not cater to both markets?

What to expect:

A Cup of Content is a membership platform for those who want to learn how to do their own content marketing. To start, we will have 2 membership options: 1) $30/month, month-to-month, and 2) $60/month that includes one-on-one coaching with me. Obviously, this is the quick version–I invite you to read more about it on our Join page. We will be launching some time in June–just working out some of the kinks with our backend.

Ready to get started?

Check out our FREE eCourse–just think: if that’s what we give away for free, can you imagine what you’ll get on the paid platform? At $1/day, it’s affordable and most definitely worth what you’ll get as a member. Learn more about it here, where you can also sign up to be on the Early Bird Registration!