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If you haven’t ventured over to Twitter’s new brew, you MUST put this on your top priority list.


Live broadcasts–on a whim, wherever you are, in the moment. I’m over there @kimbultsma, and you can follow my company there, too: @contentalamode.

So what do I broadcast?

You, of course! Your business, your employees, a new product, something really cool you just discovered you can do with your product, a how-to…the possibilities are endless, to be certain.

How’s it different from Facebook?

No algorithms (yet) to filter out content. Followers can find you via name or topic or location, and they receive notifications about live broadcasts to watch immediately OR they see recent broadcasts available for replay in their feed. You can choose to share it immediately to Twitter, and you can set up the videos to auto-download to your phone and share on your other networks (like Facebook!).

How’s it work?

It’s simple to set up–simply use your Twitter handle and away you go. You have 4 menu options at the bottom.

  1. TV with antennae. That’s your broadcast feed. You can see who is currently live and any recent broadcasts available for replay by people you follow.
  2. Globe. Want to see who is broadcasting around the world? You can see numbers of people by location through the map that you can click on for a list–or you can click on “List” at the top and scroll through that way.
  3. Camera icon. That’s your broadcast! Type in a good topic (this is your attention grabber!) in the “What are you seeing now?” area, choose whether to share your location, privacy settings, chat preferences, and whether or not to share on Twitter. Start the broadcast and thenĀ double click the screen right away to change the camera to front facing. End when finished!
  4. People. You can choose to follow people you follow on Twitter, search with the magnifying glass at the top, or work on your profile.

What’s in it for me?

Exposure. If you have content to share and can speak with enthusiasm and authority, it’s an amazing way to get yourself out there–on a local and international level.

Who’s there? Leave me a comment and tell me your handle and your thoughts on it!